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Help us continue Life TRANSFORMATIONS at Shelter from the Storm

This year has been a BIG ONE! We hired a new Executive Director, a part-time Opportunity Coach and the house has been full since March with a long wait list. Our resident moms have learned life skills like car maintenance (pictured here), self-defense, how to manage money, how to qualify for a home loan, cook healthy meals and much more. Many have accomplished game-changing goals for themselves and their families, like obtaining an associates degree, a GED, getting a driver's license, getting out of debt, raising their credit score 200 points in a year, training to becoming a union skilled tradesman, learning how to write computer code or become a special education teachers' assistant in the school system. We have also partnered with a trauma therapist who works on site with our children (play therapy) and adults (talk therapy) to help them heal while they stay so they can begin to take control of their lives back. Life TRANSFORMATIONS are happening here and it's an exciting thing to be a part of, won't you help us continue this important work???